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SPOKEnPHOTO Album Tips: The Year in Photo Stories


The year is rounding out to a close, and for those of us that still haven’t gotten around to figuring out what to send out to the family, we’re here to help. Often, the best gifts are the ones with a personalized touch and as we all know, there is nothing quite as personal as the sound of your loved one’s voice!

So now that our new SPOKEnPHOTO Album iPad app has launched, why not send your family photo story love from afar? Pick your favourite 20 photos of the year – from ski trips to the perfect day at the beach, and even those inspired Halloween costumes – record a quick story to go with each one of them, then send the album along its virtual way. That’s one gift that is sure to be delivered on time!

It’ll be a super fun project for the kids and a great way to connect with long distance cousins and siblings. They will love getting a guided tour of your year and might be inspired to reciprocate with photos stories of their own!

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