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If J.K. Rowling Sent You A Halloween Invite …

It’s that time of year again. Kids’ birthday parties, Holiday celebrations, invitations seem to be pouring into your inbox. Now how are we to make sure our invites don’t get lost in the crowd? Easy! Borrow a page from the magical world of Harry Potter – talking invites! We all remember that scene when red-haired Ron Weasley receives a howling letter from his dear old mum. Now our invitations won’t ignite the same hair-raising, ridiculously embarrassed by your mother kind of way, but it will create an equally memorable reaction of – I can’t believe my Halloween invitation just spoke to me!

Try it for the Halloween party you’re planning. Just email yourself an image of your invitation, save it to your Camera Roll on your iPhone, and use the SPOKEnPHOTO App to record something spooky or fun about your party (maybe even play Glee’s mash-up of Thriller/Off With Your Head). Now hit send. Your invitations never sounded better!

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