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Give the Gift of Voice: New Talking Photo Album App Connects Long Distance Loved Ones Over the Holidays

Toronto, ON – This holiday season, Spoke Technologies is giving photo albums a voice – your voice. The new SPOKEnPHOTO Album App is the only app made for users to create and share talking photo collections with the look and feel of a real photo album. It lets you give the gift of your voice to long distance loved ones in a beautiful and easy-to-build digital photo album, without the need for a synchronous connection.

iPad and iPhone

We all know that hearing a loved one’s voice helps you feel closer to them, but sometimes it’s hard to connect in real time. SPOKEnPHOTO Album makes sharing photo stories easier across multi-timezone, multi-language and multi-generational families. It offers a more personal, meaningful way to capture and share photo moments and memories with your personal network.

Watch the video:


View a sample Spoken Photo Moment by Social Media Mom Melissa Carr,

The SPOKEnPHOTO Album app also works together with the SPOKEnPHOTO iPhone app so you can capture talking photo moments and then collect them into memories on your iPad.


About Spoke Technologies

Spoke Technologies was founded on the premise that we all have long-distance friends and family that we want to feel more connected to, more often. They build mobile apps that capture moments and memories in your voice so you can share and connect with that Personal Network in a more intimate way. Their first app, SPOKEnPHOTO for iPhone, was launched earlier this year.

For more information:



Lynne McEachern
Tel: 1.416.616.0762

December 11, 2012 at 7:49 pm 2 comments

Brides: An App to Get Organized and Capture Wedding Memories

What did brides do before smartphones? I think they walked around with 3-ring binders (haven’t said that in awhile) filled with tear-sheets, calendars, photo collages, lists and samples. They spent their Saturdays trying on dresses, smelling flowers and eating cake. Okay, the last three you can’t really do with a smartphone, it’s true. All I’m saying is that smartphones are handy when gathering and organizing lots of details that you have to make decisions on later. Specifically the iPhone because you can download our new app SPOKEnPHOTO so you can add voice notes to your photos. Don’t try to remember the antique lace pattern on the bodice of the 67th dress you tried. Snap a photo and make a voice note of exactly how itchy it is.
Dresses, cakes, decor, shoes, makeup tricks, hairstyles, music, food, drinks, gifts, invitations, speeches…it’s endless. Eventually all of your ideas come together in what is hopefully one of the most memorable days of your life thus far. However, getting there is an emotional roller coaster and there is no better way to capture it than with your voice. Remember the name of the wine you had at the little restaurant in Italy so you can import it for your big day. Capture the feeling that you had when you danced under the twinkle lights and stars at a friend’s beach party so you can re-create it at your wedding. You get the picture.

And don’t forget, not only is SPOKEnPHOTO great for capturing moments of inspiration, it is totally awesome at capturing moments at your actual wedding! Andrea Lown, Founding Partner of and a “unique blend of tech geek and wedding chic” suggests:

The SPOKEnPHOTO app is a fantastic way to create an interactive wedding guest ‘book’ that will provide touching memories for years to come.  Guests can use their own iPhone, or one that you provide for them as your “guest book” table or stand.  Guests will take a photo, and add their verbal sentiments to it for a one of a kind message to the bride and groom.

Or, simply get your friends and family to download it before the event so they can take photos and add their stories, commentary or wedding sounds from their point of view. You can’t be everywhere so it’s great to see how your guests experienced the party you worked so hard to orchestrate. Some Spoken Photos will be funny, some will be touching, some will be drunk. They will all be great memories!

July 24, 2012 at 11:07 am 2 comments

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