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New Years Around The World!

It’s official! 2012 is rounding out to a close! The new year is upon us, and while we may not be able to physically be with everyone that we want to be with, we can use technology to our latest advantage. So we’ve come up with some ideas to help you celebrate with your loved ones around the world.

London, England, GMT

Every year, London has the largest New Yes Eve parade in the world, and all they do is sing and dance and be merry and link arms and watch amazing feats of aerobics. It’s incredible. So grab some fun party favours, blast some of your favourite music and Skype away while sharing a little bit of new years with one another!

Seoul, Korea, KST

They make it a tradition over there, to watch the new year come in with the rising of the sun. How poetic is that? The Sunrise Festival has the country basking in the glow of the first sunrise together. So whether you call or send a quick Facebook shout out, or indulge in some Facetime, make sure to keep everything sunny and light.

Moscow, Russia, MSK

It’s all about family in Russia, that’s how they celebrate the new year! So if you have family in Russia, probably the best thing to do is find the Russian National Anthem on YouTube (it starts playing at 12am), have it playing the background and just call to say hello, or try this – с Новым годом (s Novym godom) – our Russian is a little shaky, so please forgive us!

Sydney, Australia, UTC+10

They must love Katy Perry in Australia, where ringing in the new year with fireworks are the way to go. With a glorious pyrotechnic display – two of them actually – can you think of any better way to celebrate than by snapping a picture of you with sparklers in your hands and sending it over to your people in the land down under? Even add voice to it if you’d like – or better yet – Firework from Ms. Perry!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, BRST

Ever heard of Rio Carnival? Well, it’s the most popular holiday in Brazil and every year over 2 million people travel to this gorgeous country to celebrate! So if you’re like us and not one of those 2 million, but know someone who is, then all you need to do is bring your party face and you’ll fit right in!

What are your favourite places to celebrate new years in? Tell us!


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