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Low-Tech Homemade Gifts For All!

This holiday season there are so many tech gift guides, so we’ve decided to take a little bit of a softer route – homemade gifts! There’s nothing sweeter than getting a gift from a loved one who you know spent time and endless amount of thought on your gift. We’ve found some great ideas that will make you look like a modern day Martha Stewart!

Snowman Cupcakes

If you’re within driving distance, these little guys are perfect! It not only captures the holiday spirit, but how much fun are you going to have putting these little guys together? Here’s a tip, instead of using gummies for the nose, try orange sprinkles!

DIY Snow Globes

Nothing says holiday spirit like snow globes! The great thing is, you can substitute photos, your nephew’s favourite toys, jewelry, anything you can think of! Nothing is better than personalized gifts, and when they look this pretty, your present will be the talk to the table.


We are 100% in love with this idea! This is perfect for your kids, and a creative alternative to a hanging stocking. Or decorate your house with this during your annual christmas party by attaching your favourite photos of you and your loved ones! Even better, get your friends to send some to you, and surprise them by attaching it to their favourite colour balloon!

Woven Chain Bracelet

For your girlfriends, daughter, nieces, it’s surprisingly easy to make!

Frames With a Message

We’re betting that for the most part, the men in your life can be rather challenging to shop for. That’s the beauty about DIY gifts! Make it a family project to put together messages of love that will surely tug at his heartstrings, and maybe discretely pass him a tissue later on!

Make Your Own Font!

Anyone who loves to write letters or send e-cards would love this. This program allows you to create several of your own fonts and use them anywhere you’d like! It’s perfect for the tech savvy one in your life, adding a personalized touch to their digital world.

We love personalized touches! Whether it’s thorugh voice or with gifts 😉

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