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Voice Series – What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like To Morgan Freeman

A few days ago we explored the reasons behind why we generally don’t like the sound of our own voices. Quite simply, it’s a foreign sound to us because we rarely hear our own voices outside of our own bodies.

As we continued exploring the woes of listening to ourselves played back to us over voicemails or random recordings our friends surely subject us to, we began to wonder – do famous people like the way they sound? Is it foreign to them? Surely Mariah Carey likes the way she sounds.

Then it hit us. A celebrity whose voice everyone loves. Morgan Freeman. Aha! Right? Listen:

He’s narrated countless documentaries, was probably the only person who could pull off playing and sounding like God (watch Bruce Almighty if you haven’t yet!), he’s even narrated Obama’s election campaign.

That is how much everyone loves and responds to his voice. That’s pretty powerful.

But what makes his voice so unique? Why does it resonate with us? And what can we learn from him?

His voice is calm, authoritative, rich, and mellow at the same time. To himself however, he may sound completely different, or even better.

A little while ago, the man himself revealed his tips on how to make our own voices sound better. And surprisingly, it’s very simple:

  • Yawn a lot. Why? It relaxes your throat muscles. When you relax those muscles your voice becomes lower. The lower your voice, the better it sounds.

Simple no?

The fact that his spoken voice can be lent to any topic has even spawned ideas such as a Morgan Freeman voice app:

We think it’s a mighty fine idea. Maybe he can even lend his voice to all our Spoken Photo’s, we wonder how that would turn out …

So, are there any voices that you love?


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