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If Bridget Jones Made A Valentine’s Day Album …

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a modern love story. Girl meets boy, can’t have boy, goes through a series of embarrassing, yet comedic and self-discovering obstacles and realizes that made said boy isn’t right for her. There’s other fish in the sea. Other, well dressed, terribly handsome, fish. Now all she has to do is navigate the tricky world of unspoken feelings, and she’s all set!

Maybe you have a much more classic love story, maybe you and your loved one actually did fall in love at first sight, or you met when the two of you accidentally picked up the same lemon at the supermarket. Either way, there’s nothing quite like recording your story of how the two of you got together. Narrate your photos by adding your own personal thoughts, reflections, and memories to give to your other half this Thursday (yes, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching)!

So go on, make yours!


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Top 5 Photography Apps That Aren’t Instagram

In a mobile photography world dominated by Instagram, we’ve decided to explore the countless other apps that are available to us everyday folk who want to look a little more like professional photographers. So whether you’re filter junkie or love panoramic shots, we’ve got something for your snap-happy self!

DMD Panorama

Everyone loves a good panorama shot. Especially those who love taking pictures of landscapes, and there is no other app that has a following quite like this one. You point, move your phone across your landscape and voila! Perfection.

Standout feature: the panorama of course!

Color Splash

This is quite possibly one of the coolest, and most gorgeous and artistic effects photos can have – a splash of colour amidst a black and white photo. Color Splash makes it ridiculously easy for you to look like a future Mario Testino.

Standout feature: the name of the app says it all!


There’s over 100 different filters in this app, all of which you’ll most likely spend hours combing through. You can rotate effects, save all photos in high-res to your camera roll and share them everywhere. And those are just some of their features.

Standout feature: we love that you have the ability to rotate effects here.


It was named the Best Mobile Photo App, and it’s iPad counterpart won Apple’s Best iPad App of the Year. Enough said.

Standout feature: the tilt and shift, it’s amazing!

Camera Awesome

Normally we’re a little skeptical when it comes to an app that declares just how awesome it really is, but then we took a little bit of a closer look at the app and realized, it actually is quite awesome. It has specially designed special effects that we haven’t really seen anywhere else, it’s easy to use, and has effects designed by a renowned photographer. Pretty awesome isn’t it?

Standout feature: re-focusing and tilting specific parts of your picture!

Now snap away! And let us know what your thoughts are!


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