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If Bridget Jones Made A Valentine’s Day Album …

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a modern love story. Girl meets boy, can’t have boy, goes through a series of embarrassing, yet comedic and self-discovering obstacles and realizes that made said boy isn’t right for her. There’s other fish in the sea. Other, well dressed, terribly handsome, fish. Now all she has to do is navigate the tricky world of unspoken feelings, and she’s all set!

Maybe you have a much more classic love story, maybe you and your loved one actually did fall in love at first sight, or you met when the two of you accidentally picked up the same lemon at the supermarket. Either way, there’s nothing quite like recording your story of how the two of you got together. Narrate your photos by adding your own personal thoughts, reflections, and memories to give to your other half this Thursday (yes, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching)!

So go on, make yours!


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SPOKEnPHOTO Album Tips: The Year in Photo Stories


The year is rounding out to a close, and for those of us that still haven’t gotten around to figuring out what to send out to the family, we’re here to help. Often, the best gifts are the ones with a personalized touch and as we all know, there is nothing quite as personal as the sound of your loved one’s voice!

So now that our new SPOKEnPHOTO Album iPad app has launched, why not send your family photo story love from afar? Pick your favourite 20 photos of the year – from ski trips to the perfect day at the beach, and even those inspired Halloween costumes – record a quick story to go with each one of them, then send the album along its virtual way. That’s one gift that is sure to be delivered on time!

It’ll be a super fun project for the kids and a great way to connect with long distance cousins and siblings. They will love getting a guided tour of your year and might be inspired to reciprocate with photos stories of their own!

Note: To revel in comment glory for the days that follow,  share it on Facebook and Friends can comment when they view the online link.

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Season’s Greetings: E-Cards Made Easy!

Between work parties, planning holiday get-togethers, buying plane tickets, cooking … sometimes we just don’t have enough time to write and send those cards. So we’ve scoured the world wide web for the best online cards and the best apps for cards to make sending holiday greetings a little easier for you!


You can customize these cards with hundreds of templates to pick from. Add your own personal message to everything from the stamp to the design on the front of the card, it has the feel of opening a real card – digitally!

Just Wink


They have a naughty list, a nice list, and everything in between. These are the best cards for those cheeky friends of yours that would appreciate something a little more … unique!


The coolest thing about these cards is that they can take your handwriting, put it in the card of your choice, and send it off without any hassles of stamps! It doesn’t cost much and there’s hundreds of options to choose from!


Free, easy to use, and one of the longest-running online card apps around, you can sit and put together dozens of cards in your lunch hour, send it from your phone, and even track when people RSVP to that amazing New Years party you throw every year!


The Etsy of online cards, there are so many choices to pick from your head will spin. For every occasion, you can personalize cards, even create your own!

There you have it. Click away, and happy online sending!

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Packing For The Holidays, The Modern Way

Packing for traveling during the holidays isn’t quite the same. You have to think about Christmas dinners, light clothes for boxing day, what to wear for New Years …. so we’ve decided to give you a helping hand and lend you some of our very own modern day packing tips – even apps and songs to help you along the way!

Somewhere Warm

Clothes: all the beach wear necessities needed, light sweaters for the night, flowing dresses for the evenings

Holiday necessities: getting to spend the holidays somewhere warm, especially if you’re in chilly Toronto like us is a dream. So polo’s for the little ones, sundresses for you with a few light accessories is the best way to go! Don’t forget the heels for yourself either!

Modern touch: Waterproof iPhone case from Lifeproof, best place for you to eat through LocalEats, download Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Don’t Do Me Like That

Somewhere Snowy

Clothes: pretty much every warm sweater than you own, along with great socks and headbands for when you hit the slopes, don’t forget the long johns for your kids either – they may hate you now but they’ll thank you later!

Holiday necessities: if Hollywood is any indication nothing evokes lodge-esque glamour like fur wraps and dresses worthy of a bond girl. Since that’s not an option for all of us, we say bring your favourite – long sleeved if possible – party dresses, don’t forget the shoes now!

Modern touch: be on your phone while in the cold with Etip gloves, if you’re stuck on the lifts just play the Ski on Neon Game

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Low-Tech Homemade Gifts For All!

This holiday season there are so many tech gift guides, so we’ve decided to take a little bit of a softer route – homemade gifts! There’s nothing sweeter than getting a gift from a loved one who you know spent time and endless amount of thought on your gift. We’ve found some great ideas that will make you look like a modern day Martha Stewart!

Snowman Cupcakes

If you’re within driving distance, these little guys are perfect! It not only captures the holiday spirit, but how much fun are you going to have putting these little guys together? Here’s a tip, instead of using gummies for the nose, try orange sprinkles!

DIY Snow Globes

Nothing says holiday spirit like snow globes! The great thing is, you can substitute photos, your nephew’s favourite toys, jewelry, anything you can think of! Nothing is better than personalized gifts, and when they look this pretty, your present will be the talk to the table.


We are 100% in love with this idea! This is perfect for your kids, and a creative alternative to a hanging stocking. Or decorate your house with this during your annual christmas party by attaching your favourite photos of you and your loved ones! Even better, get your friends to send some to you, and surprise them by attaching it to their favourite colour balloon!

Woven Chain Bracelet

For your girlfriends, daughter, nieces, it’s surprisingly easy to make!

Frames With a Message

We’re betting that for the most part, the men in your life can be rather challenging to shop for. That’s the beauty about DIY gifts! Make it a family project to put together messages of love that will surely tug at his heartstrings, and maybe discretely pass him a tissue later on!

Make Your Own Font!

Anyone who loves to write letters or send e-cards would love this. This program allows you to create several of your own fonts and use them anywhere you’d like! It’s perfect for the tech savvy one in your life, adding a personalized touch to their digital world.

We love personalized touches! Whether it’s thorugh voice or with gifts 😉

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Gift Guide 2012: For the Parents in Your Life

We’ve given you some cool ideas for gifts, but there’s always room for more! So here’s a guide for the gifts to get the parents in your life…not just yours. Read on!


Good chocolate is always a great gift idea. Now when it’s chocolate wrapped with personalized photos, what gets better than that? True, you may not know whether to eat it or stare at it, but you can’t deny that it’s a delicious idea!

Chalkboard Paint

Cool and practical at the same time – chalkboard paint rocks! Paint it on a kitchen wall, the mudroom wall, even a tabletop. It’s a great project for everyone in the family and we promise that everyone’s going to want a piece of the chalkboard wall for themselves!

Brooklyn Roasting Coffee

Every parent needs caffeinated beverages! For the coffee fanatic who also appreciates green living, this is the perfect gift. Brooklyn Roasting Company uses recyclable cans, support Fair Trade, and a whole list of other great things that make it more that just a great cup of coffee.

Morning Mug

How cool is this? When the cup is cold – it’s dark, and when it’s warm, it wakes up! Perfect way to way up every morning with some tea, coffee or hot chocolate. And it’s so much fun to watch your sleepy cup open her eyes!

Men’s Shaving Set

After watching Skyfall, we’re pretty sure every man in your life wants this shaving set. Or every woman wants the man in their life to have this shaving set. It’s so….masculine!

Personalized Signature Necklace

Moms will love wearing their kid’s handwritten name around their neck. Get the kids involved but make sure they know it’s a secret!

If you have any more ideas, we’d love to hear from you! We’re slowly building our gift guides, less than month for shopping everyone!

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Cool Tech Gifts for Everyone!

It happens every year. That inevitable countdown of how many days left until doomsday in the world of gift giving. Luckily, we’ve put together one of those handy dandy lists that’ll help you figure out exactly what hot tech gifts you can get for every level techie in your life!

iPhone 5

It’s still the most talked about phone on the planet! So for the techie who has been eyeing this up … happy holidays!

E-volve Touchscreen Gloves

These are some of the coolest gloves ever. Not only are they insanely warm due to some fancy kind of fibre it’s made from, they have special fingertips that allow you to tap your screen without any problems! Now how’s that for inventive?


It’s the world’s best-selling e-reader, and for the frequent flyer or the commuter nothing could be more perfect! Buy some of your dad’s favourite books or your sister-in-laws, whoever you’re giving it to, and they’ll start wondering why they spent all that time carrying books around.

Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect

Ahh … the gift that spans all age groups – mostly for the men in your life! It’ll get everyone up off the couch, moving, laughing, engaging, and we promise you – there’s a huge chance you’re going to want to take a crack at this game when the kids aren’t around, it’s fun!

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

You remember Polaroid camera’s, they were the coolest things since sliced bread for a while! Now you can give the gift of memories to the shutterbug of the family. These guys are tons of fun and come in all different colours, what a better way to capture the holiday season?

Got any other cool ideas? We love these guides too: iMum Christmas Gift Guide and Tech Mama. We’ll have more to come soon! Till then, happy shopping!

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