Creative SPOKEnPHOTO Album Ideas!

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Here’s my food album. Here’s my vacation album. Here’s my pet album. Not so creative is it? So why not find a theme and create an album around that theme? For instance, if you love food, why not try putting together an album with all your breakfast moments with friends? Here are a couple ideas to get you started on making a creative digital album that talks!

10 reasons why I love you!

Valentine’s Day is upon us. Very soon. No gift idea yet? Why don’t you put together all the images you love into one album and add your own personal love note?

Try this: singing his favourite song – belt it out like Beyonce!

Every morning of our vacation

Vacation pictures are common enough, but why don’t you put a spin on it and give it a theme? If you took pictures every single morning during breakfast, put those images together and create a gorgeous album.

Try this: recall the best and the worst of that meal, everyone loves talking about food!



All those photos you wanted to delete because they looked like you were caught in the middle of a tornado or when you had one eye open and your tongue sticking out? Keep them! Years down the road, they’ll make for some hilarious conversation, and great memories.

Try this: talk about what you thought was happening at the time the photo was taken!

Anatomy of a weekend

Weekends are such a fun and relaxed time. So if you’ve just come back from 2 day girls weekend in Miami or you just spent some good quality time together at the park, gather all your favourite moments of the weekend and put them together in a photo album.

Try this: get your kids to talk about their favourite part of the weekend!

Kids artwork

The fridge is the perfect place for all of your child’s creations, so why not make an album of them and let your child tell you the story behind it? Those are memories you’ll want to cherish forever, and plus – it’ll be great material for embarrassment in their teenage years!

Try this: once you add their artwork, interview them! Ask them what each colour means or what inspired the drawing.

Letter a page

This is a popular idea for traditional photo albums, but since this option doesn’t really need to you to be a graphic designer, set out to either create letters with your bodies and snap a shot of it, or find hidden letters that you spot around the city! It’ll be such a fun and creative project and you can record your adventures along the way!

Try this: what could be more interactive than talking about why that letter is special to them?

Have any other creative ideas for your albums? Have you already done an amazing one and we haven’t mentioned it? Share with us!

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