Voice Series: Is Social Media Causing The Younger Generation To Lose Their Voice?

January 16, 2013 at 12:54 pm Leave a comment

When it comes to technology, the difference between Gen X and Gen Y is but one thing – Gen X is technologically adept, Gen Y is tech-savvy. While the younger generation may be able to trump their parents any day in a game of Angry Birds or sending more texts in a minute, one thing that social media may have taken away from Gen Y is their individual voices.

Consider this; a study reported by The Mail Online did a study that makes most of us out to be internet-obessed, because there’s a growing trend that we’re spending so much time online that we sometimes go up to 48 hours with out interacting with another human being. That’s 2 full days of barely talking to another person! That literally translates to a loss of voice.

It used to be that if you wanted to give  your input on a hot topic discussed on the radio or a TV program you’d call in and physically talk to someone on the other end. Nowadays, we tweet in comments, write posts on Facebook, and scroll down to see what everyone else has said. If our opinions don’t match theirs we may or may not think twice about posting something.

In comparison to previous generations, Gen Y prefers communicating through emails and texts versus talking to someone face to face. Keeping conversation flowing instead of being able to stop, pause and think before replying puts a damper on communication and being able to voice your thoughts at any given moment.

Then there’s always the evolution of ‘texting language’, where two people – based on how well they know each other ‘in real life’ – are able to tell what the other person at the other end of the phone is saying through a text message.

So tell us, where do you stand on this debate?

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