Voice Series: 5 Reasons You Should Call Instead Of Text (or Tweet or FB Chat)

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It’s been less than a decade since Facebook emerged, changing the face of communication as we know it today. Nine years ago (FB launched in 2004) our collective voices dwindled, and instead of hearing the other person’s voice through our phones, we saw text on our computer screens. Then technology took a somewhat backwards turn by introducing voice online – FaceTime, Skype became more popular – so we could go back to the original voice to voice connection!

In this episode of our Voice Series, we’re comparing voice vs. text, and we think voice rules! Here are our top 5 reasons why:

People identify with voice better than with text

You’ve seen it in countless movies before, expecting parents-to-be are always talking to an ever growing belly, playing Mozart to potentially produce a mini genius, turning on TSN to calm a kicking little one, well, there’s a reason for that! When your voice is heard over a long period of time, they begin to bond with you. It doesn’t matter what you talk about really, it’s just getting your child to recognize  and respond to your voice. Eventually just the simple sound of your voice elicits an involuntary emotional response – safety, love…it just sounds like home.

You want to stand out? Call.

According to TIME Magazine, “Americans ages 18-29 send and receive an average of nearly 88 text messages per day, compared to 17 phone calls.” The older we get, the less we communicate, and the less energy we have to put into reaching out in any form. So the next time you catch yourself thinking ‘we never talk anymore’ about someone, pick up the phone and give them a call. They’ll remember you took the time out to call, and you’ll remember when you last spoke!

You’ll build a better relationship with yourself and others

Not to get too scientific on you all, but one of the biggest worries developmental psychologists have when it comes to texting, especially in young people, is that it inhibits and slows down the full development of interpersonal skills. For adults, most of those skills are innate by now, so it’s not as worrisome. But saying “I’m sorry” in person is so much more powerful and meaningful than seeing those two words on your screen.

Less miscommunication

It happens to the best of us. We’re scrolling down a text and we miss that one crucial line that tells us when we want to meet up, then you inevitably reply with a “so what time are we meeting?” And either they’ll just repeat themselves or say something along the lines of “scroll up.” When we text, not only may your eyes just glaze over and read wrong, but things such as tone and emphasis on words are completely lost in translation over text. Now we all know what happens with miscommunications: hurt feelings, incorrect items procured at the grocery store, business deals gone awry.

It’s a natural mood lifter

Multiple studies have shown that the simple act of calling someone can lift your mood. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile and that creates endorphins that will stimulate our brain and get you ready to take on the world again. Call your mom, your best friend, your other half, whoever it is that makes you smile. You’ll feel better, studies say so.

There you have it. Now go talk to someone!


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