Why Don’t We Like The Sound Of Our Own Voice?

December 31, 2012 at 4:39 pm 1 comment

Raise your hand if you like the sound of your own voice. Chances are, most of you are sitting behind your computer with your hands pressed firmly on the keyboard, shaking your head saying ‘not me!’ Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Being a company that looks to bring our world closer together and more personal by hearing your loved one’s voice from across the country, we decided to examine a popular question – why don’t we like the sound of our own voices?

There’s a fairly simple explanation for why we’d rather not hear ourselves through a recording; we’re not used to hearing our own voices. It may sound weird, after all we talk and communicate every day don’t we? The difference is, when we hear our voices played back to us on a recording we’re hearing our voices outside of our own bodies and skulls, and that’s something we’re not exactly used to.

Your own skull provides great acoustics for you. So the way you hear yourself sound every day is going to be rather different than the voice you hear coming back at you through an answering machine since it’s been muffled by background noises and odd filters.

Ever notice how in recording studios and radio stations the musician or DJ always has a filter in front of their mic? Its to filter out as much of the noises around us so the voices we hear on records are the most pure they can be.

The good news is, if you greatly want to improve the sound of your voice, it’s a very responsive muscle that given the attention, can get better with age.

The first place to start? Sing! Not only does singing release endorphins which will naturally make your voice come across in its best form, when we sing, we really start to use our voices, and that’s what your voice really wants from you.

So next time you sing in the shower and wonder why you can’t sound like Adele, remember – with every note you belt you’re actually improving your voice!


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